Saturday, 14 January 2017

Best Good Morning Poems

7) Stop worrying about whether

It’s a Sunday or Monday

Just relax, sit by the window

Soak in the sun’s warm rays

Stop fretting about all

The work you have to get done

Give yourself a break, think about

What you’ll do to have fun

Early mornings are too precious

To be spent in doubt and worry

Just focus on what you need to do

To be successful and happy

Good morning

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8) Don’t let stress corrode

Your mind into rust

Let the problems of yesterday

Shrivel and bite the dust

Don’t let uncertainties

Shatter your equilibrium

Let each new day

Make your life awesome

Good morning

9) Everyone has regrets

Everyone makes mistakes

Everyone has a bad past

Everyone, has much at stake

Don’t let your past’s burden

Turn your smiles into frowns

Life, gives you a chance

To move on with every new dawn

Good morning

10) This is not

Just another day

This is your destiny’s

Way to say

That you have

One more opportunity

To fulfill your dreams

And live your fantasy

Grab it while you can

Don’t let it go

A new beginning is not

A chance you want to throw

Good morning

11) Feel the wind in your hair

Feel the mist in your eyes

Let the morning inspire you

With many a beautiful surprise

Take in the fresh air

Think about new things

Fly away with the breeze

With a new set of wings

Good morning

12) Problems aren’t going to fix themselves

Challenges aren’t going to disappear

Difficulties, troubles and murky situations

Aren’t magically going to get clear

While life can get daunting at times

Hopping over roadblocks is actually easy

If you work hard, moving ahead

Is in fact, really very breezy

Good morning

13) In life, what you did before

Has absolutely no relevance

What happened in the past

Shouldn’t matter, not even once

Look at yourself in the mirror

What is important, are not the scars

But the determination in your eyes

To move ahead and go far

Remember this, every single time

You think about what happened before

None of that matters, as long as you’re

Willing to go the distance and soar

Good morning

14) Life is too short

Sometimes, very fickle

Live it to the fullest

To make it special

Welcome every new day

Like a bag full of possibilities

Savor every moment

To make precious new memories

Good morning

15) Do something new

Do something exciting

Do something crazy

Do something unnerving

This should be your motto

For every new day

Get out of your comfort zone

To live life, that’s the only way

Good morning

16) Only those who don’t complain

While striding forward

Only those who rise above

The rest, to fly like birds

Only those who stand up

And keep on, without tiring

Know what it really takes

To keep on winning

Good morning

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