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Inspirational Good Morning Poems

Inspirational Good Morning Poems: There are fewer better ways than to wake up to motivational quotes that fill you up with positivity. The poems in this post talk about life, success, attitude, confidence, regret and the past. Try to relate your life to these rhymes. It will help you understand that moving on from what happened before, is the only way to be happy. Put yourself in a routine to read inspiring words every morning. Share them with friends, family and colleagues on Facebook, Pinterest and by text. Go on, start the day with a smile and let your energy be contagious to everyone around you. Make every day count and never give up chasing your dreams.

1) The past, is an ugly monster

In life, very few things hurt more

Than bad memories because they

Imprison you, in what happened before

It’s not easy, to let go and move on

But the first step, is to keep yourself busy

It’ll take time, maybe days, maybe months

But in the end, it will set you free

Good morning

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2) Success lies in finding the courage

To step out of your comfort zone

Victories lie in having the conviction

That you are stronger than stone

Winning in life, is less about

What you have done till today

It is more about having the belief

That no matter what, you will find a way

Good morning

3) Just the thought of being successful

At times, may seem elusive and daunting

All it takes, is relentless determination

Back by a little bit of planning

Just zero in, on what you want in life

Focus on your priorities, forget the rest

The journey will be tough, there will be lows

But in the end, you’ll emerge as the best

Good morning

4) Uplifting quotes, YouTube videos

Motivational books, inspiring stories

All this and a lot more, are there

To help you along your own journey

But the real secret to having

All your dreams come true

Doesn’t lie in merely watching

Other people do things, bold and new

Instead, strive to be someone

People look up to and admire

Let your own life be an inspiration

That stokes someone’s fire

Work hard, be focused

If you want to leave a mark

Life will be rewarding, if only you accept

That it’s not a walk in the part

Good morning

5) It is easy to understand failure

But it is a whole different ball game

To actually take responsibility

Instead of passing the blame

Every new day is an opportunity

To be accountable for your past

Realize, that if you don’t take charge

Chances are, that you’ll finish last

Good morning

6) Now is not the time to makes wishes

Now is the time to make way

Now is not the time to think hard

Now is the time to have your say

Now is not the time to aspire

Now is the time to put into action

For life, is too short to be wasted

Rise above, make it one big celebration

Good morning

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